A close-up of a hand holding a glass of red wine with a lush vineyard in the background, emphasizing the rich wine culture and scenic vineyard environment at Eikehof Farm
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Explore the breathtaking beauty of the Breede River Valley with an array of activities that cater to all interests.

Here is a curated list of some of our favorite wineries, restaurants, and experiences in the Breede River Valley.

Vivid purple and red wildflowers in bloom, with lush green foliage in the foreground and majestic mountains in the distance, under a clear blue sky, showcasing the rich biodiversity at Eikehof Farm.

Food & wine

Wine Tasting

Discover the region’s rich winemaking heritage by embarking on wine tours and tastings at world-renowned vineyards or take a scenic drive to the neighboring towns of Stellenbosch or Franschhoek.

The Breede River and surrounding areas are home to some of the best vineyards in all of South Africa and the best producers of Chenin Blanc in the world.

For a truly indulgent wine tasting experience we recommend you pay a visit to our neighboring wine farm Olifantsberg. Here you’ll be treated to a memorable tasting and walking tour of the vineyards hosted by the owners Ferdi and Elisma.

An intimate dining scene with a person pouring red wine into a glass, with another glass of white wine in the foreground, symbolizing a sophisticated wine tasting experience.
A gourmet meal featuring a stew with seared scallops and a mound of finely chopped herbs in the center, elegantly served on a white plate with a glass of red wine, showcasing exquisite dining at Eikehof Farm.

Dining Out

Experience the area’s vibrant culinary scene, indulge in local specialties and diverse international cuisine in the heart of South Africa’s most abundant agricultural valley.

If you’re hungry for breakfast don’t make the mistake of leaving the valley without stopping at Du Toitskloof for their savory pies, the spinach and feta is worth a trip all on its own.

For Oysters and Champagne stopping by Grand Provance in Franschoek is an absolute must.

Visit Maison, the famous Chefs Warehouse restaurant in Franschoek for an unforgettable dining experience.


Take a short hike through the Blue Gum Forest and go for a swim in the dam.
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Picnic on horseback

Weave your way through the nearby fruit orchards and vineyards while on horseback then indulge in a leisurely picnic featuring regional cheeses and charcuterie.

Horseback rides are not included as part of your booking at Eikehof Farm, please email painted horse riding to schedule.

Painted Horse
Two people riding horses on a dirt trail surrounded by wild brush, with one person wearing a wide-brimmed hat and the other with flowing hair, against a backdrop of a hill under a clear blue sky.

Explore the Outdoors

Check out some of the worlds best mountains biking and hiking trails with a promise of breathtaking views in every direction.
Sunset illuminating the rugged contours of a massive mountain, casting long shadows over the valley below with a winding road visible in the midst, offering a breathtaking view.A mountain biker riding on a rugged trail through a vast grassy field, with a solitary tree and distant hills in the background, capturing a sense of adventure and the beauty of the natural landscape.

Visit historic towns like Worcester and Robertson, each with its unique charm, or savor local cuisine and fresh produce at farmers' markets.

Lush vineyards in the foreground with vibrant green leaves, gently backlit by sunlight, with the smooth, rolling hills of Olifantsberg mountain under a clear blue sky in the background, at Eikehof Farm near Cape Town, South Africa.