Our History

Historic painting of a bustling tropical scene with palm trees and colonial buildings, people engaging in daily activities near the waterfront, illustrating the rich cultural heritage of the area.

EIKEHOF FARM was founded during the height of the DUTCH EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY in 1791

In 1841, J. De Vos completed the construction of the farmstead, shaping the region’s agricultural landscape. Over the years, Eikehof Farm adapted to changing ownership and economic transitions. It transitioned to wine production in the late 19th century, contributing to Worcester’s reputation as a hub of viticulture.

Black and white historical panoramic view showing a dense grouping of colonial-style buildings amidst lush trees, with a bay in the background, capturing the essence of a bygone era.
Silhouette of an ostrich walking down a coastal road at sunset, with the ocean shimmering under the golden light, highlighting the unique wildlife and scenic landscapes near Eikehof Farm.
Historical black and white photograph of a bustling harbor scene, featuring numerous sailing ships anchored in a calm bay with the cityscape prominently displayed in the foreground, capturing the vibrant maritime activity of the era.
Vibrant wildflowers in the foreground on a coastal road with distant views of a bay and mountains, showcasing the diverse natural beauty of Eikehof Farm near Cape Town, South Africa.

Today, Eikehof Farm stands as a testament to the Western Cape's rich history.

Its historical buildings, vineyards, and dramatic views attract visitors interested in the region’s agricultural heritage and natural beauty. From its origins during the era of the Dutch East India Company to its role in land management in the Western Cape, Eikehof Farm remains a vital link to the region’s enduring history.

Close-up of Olifantsberg mountain at Eikehof Farm, framed by soft-focus wildflowers in the foreground, capturing the rugged beauty of the landscape in the golden hour light.
Historic white Dutch gable building dated 1841 at Eikehof Farm, with birds perched on the roof against a twilight sky, symbolizing the enduring heritage and tranquility of the farm.